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Climate Woke is a direct response to the erasure of BIPOC folx in conversations on effectively combatting climate change. Because of systemic racism and white supremacy, we are often the ones most affected by detrimental choices, yet traditionally have had limited voice and power in implementing change. Climate Woke’s mission is to decolonize climate justice by empowering BIPOC & queer folx to tell our own stories and carry out our own solutions to climate change. As a community who feels the effects of climate change first hand, we are both knowledgeable and well-equipped to create real solutions that drive results. By leading with culture, and not only science, we will save our planet, and ourselves. 

Solving the climate crisis requires participation from all of us. But this doesn’t mean you need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle overnight. Small changes can have a big impact – start by joining one of our campaigns and following Climate Woke for information, tips and more! By getting involved and using your voice, you’ve already taken a huge step to fighting for climate justice. 


Our Planet, Our Stories, Our Lens. Story-telling is woven into the very fabric of our culture. It is how we teach, learn, remember & honor our past and future. We reject a world where our stories remain untold and are committed to holding space for our narratives to not only be heard, but used as catalysts for justice & change. These videos are a starting point to unravelling misconceptions about climate change and bringing our voices to the forefront. Share a video today – be a part of the story.

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